Kylie Jenner gives us a look into her mansion and it’s as beautiful as you’d expect

Despite the fact that Kylie Jenner—aka the creator of the most popular Lip Kit in the world—is only 18 years old, she has a massive dream house in California all to herself. That’s 7,000 square feet of space, all for Kylie. Knowing that the world would be just dying to get a glimpse inside, she recently took to Snapchat to show off her incredible marble kitchen, huge pantry, and grand hallway.

She even took snaps of rooms that are under construction, such as her private elevator (because, of course she has one of those).

Okay, so if you’ve never seen a pantry this well organized, it’s because there’s a first time for everything.

This kitchen is giving us serious #housegoals. Look at all that space!

Here’s her super long hallway, made complete with Kylie’s two greyhounds: Norman and Bambi (who were famously transformed into Secret Life of Pets characters!).

They actually have their own enclosed area on the super awesome staircase, so that they don’t pee in the bedrooms, which seems to us like a pretty smart idea..

X marks the spot! Not really, a piece of tape does. Here’s where Kylie’s elevator is going to be installed.

Naturally, none of this would mean anything without a pair of eye-popping silver Balenciaga sneakers.

Now, if your house or apartment is suddenly feeling REALLY small, don’t worry! We can live vicariously through Kylie Jenner and her insane mansion. She’s already schooling us on make-up routines and fashion, why not add some fun, fairytale real estate goals in there?! Sounds like a perfect plan.

Thanks for the house tour Kylie, and if you want to invite us over soon, feel free. We’ll be here all weekend.

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