Kylie Jenner gave fans an update on her upcoming Kylie Cosmetics merch

As the world keeps spinning, even and especially in the darkest of times, the empire of Kardashian and Jenners keep spinning as well. In keeping with her social media presence, which is full of suspense and excitement, Kylie Jenner teased fans with an update on the latest merchandise coming to Kylie Cosmetics, and it looks like the holiday surprise will give Kylie Cosmetics fans a chance to glam up their phones as much as their faces, finally. It’s not uncommon for the young entrepreneur to share news with her fans a video live-stream. She seriously only drops major news on her Snapchat, and she practically gives us a heart attack!

In fact, it was back in early October when she spilled the details of the many things coming to Kylie Cosmetics that we first caught wind of her plan to make Kylie Cosmetics phone cases that look like the lipstick-print case she regularly flashes.

During a live-stream on her Kylie Jenner app on Thursday morning, she shared that while the release date is still TBA, it’s coming up:

"I have Kylie Cosmetics phone cases coming soon. I'm just waiting for the right time to release them because I have a lot of other cool stuff I'm working on. They are so cute!"

We are 100% ready for the melting lip phone cases that properly shows off our winter emotional state.

If we’re going to take our phones everywhere, we should have the option to dress them up as uniquely as our bodies.

Exactly how soon is “soon,” Kylie?!

This is yet another Kylie Cosmetics holiday treat to keep your eyes peeled for!