Kylie Jenner stepped out in public for the first time since baby Stormi was born, and her fanny pack is too relatable

Kylie Jenner did a fan-freaking-tastic job of keeping her pregnancy under wraps, but now that the news is out, we’re totally glad she’s back and tweeting again.

Unsurprisingly, her newborn daughter, Stormi, pretty much broke the internet when Kylie finally confirmed her birth on Sunday, February 4th. The first baby photo Kylie shared is already the most-liked photo on Instagram, and Kylie’s first public appearance after Stormi came into the world has us like, “honestly, same.” (Head on over to The Daily Mail to see the pics of Kylie in full.)

The new mom was spotted heading into an office building in Los Angeles, and she brought mom fashion into the mix in the best way (as only a Kardashian can do). Rocking a black top and shorts, Kylie topped off her ensemble with a Prada fanny pack. TBH, the combo totally reminds us of our own mothers. (They always had everything we needed in that fanny pack, didn’t they?)

We appreciate seeing Kylie enter this new stage of her life, and the fact that she is embracing fashion and mom-friendly practicality is even better. Everyone knows being a mom is basically like working two full-time jobs, and we’ve got nothing but respect for function.

Kylie’s little one wasn’t seen accompanying her mom on the outing, but since Stormi’s only 10 days old, we totally get why Kylie left her at home while she took care of business.

Because, let’s be honest, Kylie Jenner (and all women everywhere) can 100% do both.

Kylie explained her decision to keep her pregnancy private on Instagram, and the internet collectively sobbed over the beautiful YouTube video Kylie made to announce her daughter’s birth. We absolutely respect her decision, and — with the way she’s embracing motherhood — we’re proud of this mama.

Motherhood really suits Kylie, and we’re so happy for her. You glow, girl.

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