Kylie Jenner’s fans are upset they won’t be able to return or try on her new concealers

Anyone who religiously follows Kylie Jenner knows that she’s an unstoppable force in the beauty world, constantly releasing new makeup products to her eager followers. This week, Kylie announced the new Kylie Cosmetics concealers will launch on December 13th as part of the Silver Series line.

While the upcoming release of 30 shades of Kylie’s concealers is an exciting prospect, fans have expressed reasonable concern over the fact that Kylie Cosmetics is sold online and its products are non-refundable. Since there’s no place to test out the concealers, the task of finding the right concealer shade is fairly impossible. Unless Kylie makes an exception for the nonrefundable policy, shoppers will be forced to roll the dice by comparing their skin tone to an image on a screen.

While 30 shades in the collection offer an ample range of concealers, it makes a difference if beauty lovers can’t try the shades IRL. There is a little bit of hope, though. Since Topshop is carrying Kylie Cosmetics in seven locations (Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, and Atlanta) until December 20th, we’re crossing our fingers that there will be samples or full-size concealers sold at the locations. However, nothing has been confirmed.

We can only hope there’s a quick solution so we can get our hands on these concealers.

All thirty shades have delicious earthy names.

We hope that Kylie will understand her fan’s concerns, and update its return policy this one time.

If Kylie doesn’t offer samples or a refund policy, Kylie’s fans will be understandably bummed out.

Hopefully, Kylie has some tricks up her sleeve to help us find the right concealer!

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