Kylie Jenner just posted the cutest Kardashian Thanksgiving throwback pic

There are 12 seasons in total of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which isn’t all that surprising when you think about how long they’ve been around. She might be the youngest in the clan, but Kylie Jenner sure does appreciate the changes the family has been through over the years. Her latest Instagram post not only celebrates Thanksgiving, but it hilariously reminds us what she and her siblings looked like back in the day.

“us at thanksgiving dinner tomorrow like”

We can only guess this shot was taken about 8 years ago. Kendall and Kylie look like such young, pre-teen spring chickens that we wouldn’t have even guessed it was them. And Kim’s sideswept bangs! It’s all so cute and making us ache with nostalgia.

This certainly isn’t the first throwback Kylie has gifted the world with. A couple weeks ago she posted a pic of her and Kendall wearing bows, pearls, and puffy-sleeved dresses. Obviously, they’ve been besties since before they hit puberty.

“Every Kylie Needs A Kendall”

Nothing like a little sisterly love to get you all teary-eyed. Kylie didn’t stop there, though. A few weeks before that, she posted a throwback pic of Kim on her birthday, saying “I love you sister.” (Psst, look at Kim’s lip liner! So 90s!)

So much Kardashian love going around thanks to Kylie, and we’re not mad about it. Just in time to remind us to be grateful for our own fam on Thanksgiving.