Rise and shine! Looks like Kylie Jenner is opening up a Kylie Museum

Kylie Jenner is up to something, and she’s up to something big. On January 9th, Jenner filed 18 trademarks that make it seem as though she’s toying around with the idea of hosting a convention and maybe even opening up a museum. We feel like the shift-eyes emoji right now.

On the 9th, Jenner filed the terms “Kylie Con,” “Kylie Kon,” and Kylie Museum” with the U.S. trademark office. Kylie, what the HECK are you up to?

Trademark attorney Josh Gerben tweeted out the news on January 15th, and he detailed what exactly these trademarks could refer to. He points out that the terms “Kylie Con” and “Kylie Kon” were trademarked with the intent of being used for “arranging, organizing, conducting, and hosting special events, exhibitions, and interactive experiences for social entertainment purposes,” as well as “classes and workshops on beauty.”

Furthermore, “Kylie Con” was also filed as a trademark for clothing, carrying bags and backpacks, and mobile phone cases—basically potential Kylie Con merch.

And perhaps the most interesting trademark filed is for the term “Kylie Museum.”

What kind of things would be displayed in a potential “Kylie Museum?” Her first-ever Kylie Cosmetics palette? All the Kylie Lip Kits ever made? The numerous brightly colored wigs she wears on the daily?

We can definitely see Kylie Con (or our preferred spelling, Kylie Kon) being a thing—think Beauty Con but with just Kylie Jenner’s makeup products. There could be makeup application workshops, skin care classes, and vendors that sell products in line with Jenner’s aesthetic and image.

But…a Kylie Museum? It’s just hard to picture.

However, others are getting a pretty clear image (LOL):

We’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what all these Kylie trademarks lead to. The Smithsonian better watch its back.

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