Kylie Jenner is living her best life at Coachella with new hot, HOT pink hair

Happy Coachella Time! It’s basically a holiday, the season of Coachella. Not only do ~regular people~ attend en masse, but we always look forward to the celebs who attend the multiple-day festival. This year, everyone is really extra excited about the show, because not only is Beyoncé performing (and yes, you can live stream her), but the Kardashian news is in full force. And as most of us know, at least one Kardashian-Jenner shows up at Coachella each year.

This year, it turns out new mama Kylie Jenner will be at Coachella and we’re assuming this based off of her incredibly vivid and wonderful pink hair. Oh, okay, and she’s been photographed in Indio, Calirofnria, which is where Coachella takes place. Jenner, alongside her big sis, Kourtney Kardashian, is here to have a good time. Jenner’s hair is so gorgeous, and we absolutely love the bold look. Last year, Jenner rocked an equally vibrant look. We didn’t think anything could top her highlighter look last year, but this pink has us running out to our stylists. No one rocks a bright, bold color like Mama/King Kylie Jenner.

And Kylie Jenner has jokes.

Jenner posted two separate pictures of the gorgeous color, each with a different caption.

Cotton candy cream is right — though we have honestly never seen cotton candy with such a deep pink color.

Jenner’s Mean Girl reference is not going unnoticed. Though she often attends Coachella and we definitely know she knows how to have fun, now that she has a baby, it’s nice to see that she is still allowing herself to have some fun. And if it comes with an Amy Poehler reference, all the better.

Speaking of cool moms, some people seem to think big sis Kim Kardashian is inspired by Jenner.

Kim Kardashian dyed her hair a bright pink pretty recently, but it turns out Jenner actually did it first. Most of us caught Kardashian’s adorable pink ‘do a few weeks ago. Though Jenner’s color is much bolder right now, it was just a short seven months or so ago that Jenner dyed her her “rose.”

Though honestly between siblings, is there really ever a true “who did it first”? All we’re saying is, we hope Kim Kardashian follows suit with this bright pink because we love it. Happy Coachella weekend, everyone!