Kylie Jenner caught an employee secretly filming her in her own home

Though the Kardashian-Jenner family has welcomed us into their homes for the last decade, sharing personal details about their lives by way of their show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, this week’s episode serves as a stark reminder that they are humans who deserve privacy just like anyone else. Kris Jenner shared that her youngest daughter, Kylie Jenner, discovered an employee trying to film her without her knowledge in her own home.

Kylie has largely been out of the public eye for several months, and is rumored to be pregnant with her first child. Though she’s posted on social media here and there, she’s mostly remained out of the spotlight. And it seems the hunt for photos or videos of the 20-year-old has reached a fever pitch.

Mom Kris spoke up about the incident on the most recent episode of the show, saying, “I really feel bad for Kylie because there’s always somebody that’s trying to exploit a certain situation,” adding that she wanted to have the employee arrested.

She adds, “To have somebody in her own home trying to snap pictures they shouldn’t be snapping is really, really stressful. You want to be able to trust the people that you’re surrounded by, but we have to really be on alert at all time, and that’s extremely upsetting when you feel like you can’t be in your own bedroom or bathroom.”

We feel for Kylie on this one — everyone should get to feel safe and secure in their own home.

We love that the Kardashians share so much with us, but this is an important reminder that everyone is entitled to privacy. We’re hoping everything got sorted out with the current situation and that Kylie hasn’t had any similar trouble since.

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