Kylie Jenner’s new blunt bangs have us running to the hair salon

Not all of us can rock rock bangs, but Kylie Jenner clearly can! And we tend to look at Kylie for hair inspiration.

Many of us have had bad bangs at some point in our lives. But this new Kylie look has us questioning if maybe we want to try out bangs once more (even if we know it’s a bad idea).

After all, if Kylie Jenner rocks it, maybe we all should give bangs a try.

To be fair, Kylie does change her hair almost every day, but this is one look that everyone can really manage! Just some adorable blunt bangs for the summer, because why not?

Kylie showed off her new look while, apparently, hanging out with some giraffes. Why? Who knows, but we’re not questioning it!

From there, Kylie shared another picture that really looks like she’s coming for Natalie Portman’s role from the movie Closer.

Now, if you don’t think you can rock the bangs, maybe don’t rush out and get your hair cut. But these look absolutely amazing on the youngest Jenner. It anything, it’s a fun new look for the summer, especially paired with her shorter hair!

Are you going to rock bangs now? If not, don’t feel bad. Not all of us can pull off all these hairstyles Kylie has. Especially since in the next picture she shared, her hair was long and red. Kylie is known for her love of wigs, after all.

So go out and claim your summer look! And if you want to be like Kylie, go into bangs with the knowledge that no matter what, you’re going to have to grow them out eventually.

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