Kylie Jenner’s bikini pics from her vacation make us wish we were there

For most of the United States, it is super cold right now. We’re all curled up with blankets in sweaters, trying to be as cozy as possible. Which pretty much makes sense. It’s December, so it’s winter, and stores are starting to play holiday music. We all know it’s going to be this way for a while. That’s why we’re loving these bikini pics that Kyle Jenner just posted. She’s currently vacationing in Miami (an official warm place), and we’re honestly so jealous that we might just hop on a plane and join her!

Kylie looks like she’s having the best vacation ever.

Like seriously, check out how cute the bikini Kylie’s rocking is!

We never get to wear anything like this in December! We’re all in layers and cardigans, with bowls of soup and cocoa. Meanwhile, here is Kyle Jenner, hanging out in a cute bikini!

But seriously, the cutout on the top is so cute!

Common logic says it’s never great to shop for a bathing suit in December, but Kylie is making us consider it. We’re super jealous that we’re not all wearing bikinis in the sunshine right now!

Aw man! And she’s hanging out by a pool too!

Kylie, if you’re reading this, can we come over? We really want to swim in that pool. Or be in weather that is hot enough to make us want to wear a bikini or swim in a pool.

In short, Miami is a magical place. A magical place that Kylie Jenner is currently soaking up the rays in, while wearing a very fashionable bikini. Honestly, we could all use a vacation, so why not Miami? Kylie is making it seem so awesome!

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