Kylie Jenner Looks Like a Retro Barbie With New Bangs

She's also teasing a possible rebranding of Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Jenner is an expert at switching up her hairstyles, often debuting a fun new color or cut every other week on her Instagram. This year, however, she’s been keeping her look more consistent, sticking to that classic Kardashian-Jenner look of a long, dark brunette mane. While that look is always a winner, we couldn’t help but get excited when we spotted a hair change in Jenner’s most recent post for Kylie Cosmetics.

In the post, the beauty mogul is styled like a retro Barbie doll. She’s rocking high-waisted shiny pink leggings, a matching bra top, and—our favorite part—vintage-inspired side-swoop bangs. One commenter thought Jenner was giving “Selena vibes,” drawing on inspiration from the Tejano singer for her throwback look, and we can totally see it. The hairstyle is so chic and glamorous that we suddenly have the urge to push aside all our hesitations about getting bangs and take this photo to our hairdressers ASAP. (Or, you know, a wig might be the safer option.)

Since we were busy gawking over Jenner’s bangs, we almost missed the whole point of the post, which was a teaser for an upcoming Kylie Cosmetics announcement. The caption leaves much to be desired, simply stating, “Something is coming.” Just what that “something” might be, we’re not sure. No matter what, though, we have a feeling that the color pink will be involved.

It seems like the entire Kylie Cosmetics brand is getting a makeover, since the brand deleted all of its other Instagram posts, leaving only this vague teaser on its page. The Kylie Cosmetics website has also been overtaken with pink promotional branding, opening up to a landing page that again promises “SOMETHING. IS. COMING.” and gives visitors the option to enter their email address to stay in the know on what’s ahead.

While you can’t currently shop from the Kylie Cosmetics website, her beauty products are still available on Ulta—and we recommend shopping them fast. With a potential rebrand on the way, this might be the last chance to shop OG Kylie Cosmetics products, like the lip kit. You know the drill: Run, don’t walk to the Ulta shop.

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