Kylie Jenner released the first photo of her baby girl, and she’s a little beauty

She’s here! On February 1st, 2018, Kylie Jenner welcomed a baby girl into the world. This news takes us back to September, when the media storm surrounding Kylie’s pregnancy began. (Who could forget the Kardashian-Jenner conspiracy theories?) It’s crazy to think that, now, we not only have confirmation that Kylie has given birth — and a baby name —  we also have a photo of the 20-year-old’s first child.

On Instagram, Kylie bestowed a photo of her daughter, named Stormi, upon us. It shows Kylie, with a manicured hand, holding Stormi’s little baby hand. And it is honestly filling our hearts with so much joy right now.

Seriously, we are thrilled to see that Kylie gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl. And we honestly can’t get over how adorable her name is.

According to Think Baby Names, Stormi (a variation of Stormy) is a…

" from nature based on the vocabulary word and surname Storm. 'Stormy' can be used to describe temperament."

Yes, it’s adorable, but we do have questions. Hopefully Kylie will update us soon on why she chose this name. As for Stormi’s father, Kylie confirmed that he’s rapper Travis Scott. The two were first seen together in 2017, at Coachella. Two months later, Travis and Kylie got matching tattoos of a butterfly, which we honestly thought would be related to the baby name Kylie chose for her daughter. And three months after getting inked, the pregnancy rumors began making the rounds.

Ultimately, we couldn’t be happier for Kylie and her growing family. We wish them nothing but health and happiness.

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