Kylie Jenner addresses the danger of buying from knockoff Kylie Cosmetics sites


It can be all too easy to justify buying knockoffs for high-end products. Shelling out a ton of money for makeup can be really tough to do! There are enough expenses in the world that we need to navigate, so it’s totally understandable to want to cut corners and enjoy these lovely things without paying what may feel like an exorbitant price tag. Problems arise, however, when you’re getting things that aren’t directly manufactured and distributed through the proper channels. At the very least, quality control becomes an issue, and the products might fall apart or become useless quickly. At it’s worst, a knockoff product can contain ingredients that are contaminated, unsafe, and dangerous. Truth be told, it’s just not worth the risk!

Kylie Jenner has taken to her Instagram and Snapchat to spread the word that her products should only be purchased through her websites, as the knockoffs that are permeating the internet are turning out to be dangerous and toxic.

If it’s not from then do not buy!

Even if the makeup looks exactly like her original kit, it could be made with different ingredients, which is super risky.

Customers have contacted Kylie and complained when they’ve been injured or the product breaks, and inevitably it comes out that they weren’t purchased through her site and are fakes.

And the worst part is, they cost the same as a real Kylie kit! Such a scam and you could seriously get sick.

Bottom line, it’s just not worth it. Kylie’s been retweeting her fans’ experiences with these horrible knockoffs and it’s really bad.

Nothing is worth using a lipstick that has GLUE in it!

Someone could get insanely sick from these, thank goodness Kylie is saying something about it!


We just hope that Kylie’s warning is enough to stop her fans from buying these fakes.


Nothing can be worth putting gasoline on your lips! That’s outrageous.

Hopefully, people heed Kylie’s warnings and stop buying these horrific knockoffs. No amount of money saved or convenience is worth this kind of potential danger. Even if the worse thing that happens is that the formula is bad, that still sucks!

Save those pennies and make sure you ONLY purchase Kylie’s lip kits from

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