Kylie Jenner addressed those awful memes about her family in the most mature way

Celebrities today often use Snapchat to get the message out. And Kylie Jenner is no different — in fact, in a recent snap, she managed to address a slew of mean-spirited memes that have been circulating which feature her famous fam. Since, when something is popular, a meme is made out of it.

"Honestly, I think they're kind of funny," she said in the video, which served as a Q&A with her biggest fans.

Jenner, who’s currently 19, must be used to the numerous online commentators by now. Not only did she grow up with the internet, she grew up in the spotlight, which means that this is likely all second nature. But of course, we can appreciate the fact that she doesn’t take anything too seriously — and actually has a sense of humor about the “fan art” that people create.

The Q&A offered a lot more, as well. For example, Jenner offers this incredible life advice… while wearing the most popular Snapchat filter.

(It’s okay if you had to watch that a few times to focus on the words, and not the overall goofiness of it all.)

It seems that Kylie Jenner’s pretty wise beyond her years. We hope she continues to do more Q&As, since they’re a great way for her to really connect with her fans!

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