This is how Kylie Jenner’s eye shadow palettes are made, because this is something you need to see

Kylie Jenner, the young makeup trendsetter and entrepreneur, has proven time and time again that she has top-of-the-line taste. Just when we thought her lip kits were setting records, her first eyeshadow palette options sold out in like 60 seconds.

And despite her busy schedule, she’s always doing a ton of surprising things. And that, apparently, includes going behind-the-scenes and seeing exactly how the makeup is made.

But when Kylie puts on a plastic hair protector, she’s not just trying to rock a cute new accessory.

She’s serious about getting down and dirty with the makeup itself to see exactly how the beautiful lip palettes get prepared.

And, luckily for all of us, she posted a video to let us in on the magic as well.

It’s totally mesmerizing to watch the loose powder get carefully put organized into tiny capsules before a door is shut and a secret button is pushed. It gives even more appreciation for how much energy and effort must go into the beautiful presentation of each eye palette itself.

Clearly Kylie is a hands-on businesswoman. No doubt that this genuine curiosity will help her to create even better and (if it’s somehow possible) even more popular makeup products in the future.

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