Kylie Cosmetics shared a sneak peek of its holiday collection, and “Kristmas” is almost here

A very brief sneak peek of Kylie Cosmetics’ forthcoming holiday collection is giving fans something to look forward to this season.

And we do mean it’s a brief sneak peek.

The two Instagram videos shared on the brand’s account clock in at under 3 seconds each. The clips feature a soundtrack of Mariah Carey’s iconic seasonal hit “All I Want For Christmas Is You,”  and it looks like Kylie Cosmetics devotees will be singing it to these new shadows.

The new release is all about eyes and it comes on the heels of Kylie’s Velvet Liquid Lipstick singles release.

One clip features a glimpse at what is surely an eyeshadow palette. We see two shades: Merry Mint, a glitter, which looks more like holo silver than mint green, and St. Nick, a matte neutral, warm beige.

The other video shows an eye done up with a copper shimmer lid and a plum matte shade closer to the eye line. Is that Kylie’s eye? Whoever she is, she’s batting a serious lash.

As always, we’re sure the collection will sell out within moments.

Instagram commenters are thirsting hard with the usual chorus of “NEED!” and “TAKE MY MONEY!” One poor soul remarked, “I’m so excited…but I’m usually in school when they come out haha.”

Check out the videos below:

Definitely a holiday vibe.

A glitter juxtaposed next to a neutral hint at a versatile palette.

Can’t go wrong with copper and plum.

Keep an eye (pun intended) on Kylie Cosmetics’ site and social media for more info, and as always, we will keep you posted on new developments as they occur.