It’s happening: Kylie Cosmetics is launching concealers in 30 shades

We knew it was headed our way and yet we still can’t help but be beyond thrilled to see that we are mere days away from the Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Concealer Collection.

Our first look at this line has made it abundantly clear that Kylie is looking to make her brand as inclusive as possible by launching a whopping 30 different shades.

This incredibly diverse range of hues makes it possible for people with a wide variety of skin tones to enjoy these beautiful new concealers. Is there anything more thrilling than when we can see the steps that the beauty industry is taking to become a more inclusive marketplace?

The concealer line is part of Kylie’s holiday Silver Series launch that will also include the gorgeous lipstick line we got a look at yesterday. It appears she isn’t anywhere near finished with the holiday surprises either, and we are stumped as to what she could possibly have up her sleeves next.

But for now, we are going to revel in the beauty that is this concealer collection. As a must-have part of our makeup bags, we can’t wait to try out this gorgeous new formula.

The Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Concealer Collection will be available on December 13th.

Aren’t they stunning?

The concealers have a luminous finish that makes it look like your skin, but better. No dry creasing here.

So this is why Kylie’s been glowing lately! (Other possible reasons have not yet been confirmed, but we’ll go with this one for now.) And is there anything more delightful than to see the campaign feature models of different ethnicities?

Representation matters, whether it’s in beauty, film, books, or elsewhere.

Be ready to snag the Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Concealer Collection come next week, because we’re headed for a viral storm.

We’d be shocked if there was a single one of these left by the end of the day.

Though we have a feeling Kylie knows to bring enough for the entire class.

Be ready next week as these gorgeous new concealers are going to be the talk of the town, we can feel it in our bones.

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