Kylie Cosmetics is offering the coolest lipstick deal for Halloween

Halloween: a day to stuff ourselves with candy, get spooky, dress up, and hopefully scare some children. It doesn’t get much better than that! Everyone’s inner child can come out and revel in the creepiness of the day and into the night! And we love any excuse to try out our wildest makeup tricks, so we are truly delighting in this holiday. What more could we possibly ask for? Well, it looks like our lip kit goddess, Kylie Jenner, has decided to give us a real Halloween treat today!

For one day only, you can get a FREE Kymajesty metal lipstick with any purchase from!

Even the ghosts and ghouls are screaming with delight!

What better excuse to finally pick up that Pumpkin lip kit that we’ve all been eyeing?

If you don’t think that today is the perfect day to snatch that one up, then you’re trippin’.

The giveaway ends at midnight while supplies last, so it’s in your best interest to hurry on up and get over there!

Moon is also a perfect Halloween option, so you really don’t have any excuses to not grab one!

Such a seriously versatile color — you could wear it and add spookiness to any costume, or just wear it while you’re out and about and be a serious goth-glam queen!

Spice is also a great option for tonight, especially if you’re going as a vampire that just had a tasty snack!

And you don’t HAVE to get a lip kit to get the free gift, you can pick up her beautiful Kyshadow that just so happens to have every shade you’ll be needing this holiday season!

You know you’ve been wanting them, so what better time than now?

Get yourself over to Kylie Cosmetics and pick up your free gift with purchase ASAP!

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