Could Kybrow be the next big thing that Kylie Cosmetics comes out with?

At the rate that Kylie Cosmetics is coming out with new products, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the youngest Jenner’s empire grow exponentially in the coming months. And of course, that means we have a feeling lots of new products are going to be coming our way, and we really hope that includes a Kybrows kit in the near future! With the announcement of her new show on E!, it’s possible her eyebrow products could be the big reveal — we can hope.

Kylie started as a liquid lipstick maven but has quickly proven her ability to create products that are high in demand, made of great quality, and make her consumers feel super fierce. The additions of a blush, Kyliner, and Kylighter to her collection have only made us yearn even more for a brow kit with the same transformational powers as the rest of her products.

Kylie herself asked her fans what they wanted more of and the answer was pretty loud and clear!

Think about it, Kylie has incredible eyebrows, and we need her to bestow her secrets on us! Then, there’s that time she trademarked her Kyliner, Kylighter, and Kybrow at the same time.

Kylie’s been quieter than usual lately, which has us thinking that she’s busy cooking up something pretty spectacular over in her labs. So, as you can imagine, we’ve been doing some detective work of our own — by which we mean: stalking her social media for clues.

This relatively subdued makeup look (by Kylie’s standards) really make her eyebrows stand out, is that a sign?

Seriously, we want whatever it is that she’s using to make her brows look that glamorous.

Hi, we’d love to just copy this entire look, THANKS.

We have faith that Kylie’s working on some brow magic for us! According to Justia Trademarks, Kybrows are going to be some type of “eyebrow cosmetics; makeup kits compromised of eyebrow cosmetics and eyebrow brushes.” So get ready!

Keep sending Kylie that brow energy and hopefully we’ll have a Kybrows kit before we know it. It’d be the perfect addition to the Kylie Cosmetics brand and you KNOW it would sell out immediately! It’s in everyone’s best interest that these come out ASAP. Kylie, girl, hear our pleas!

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