Kurt Cobain’s kidhood home is for sale . . . but no one wants to buy it

Any Nirvana superfans looking to buy a house? In Aberdeen, Washington, Kurt Cobain’s childhood home is for sale, and the sellers are hoping to move the house using Cobain’s legacy. There’s just one problem: No one seems interested in buying it.

The four-bedroom house has been on the market since March, when it was listed for $400,000. Since then, it’s dropped to $329,000. When you consider that according to Vanity Fair the local average is more like $60,000 on the high end, well, that six figure price tag seems a bit ambitious.

The listing for the house is right when it says the house is a piece of “rock history,” although it’s a peripheral one at best. Cobain lived in the house when he was a child, but he moved around a lot when he was young. This house hasn’t been changed too much (or at all from the looks of it) since Cobain called the place home, which is either a huge selling point for the mega-fans the sellers hope to draw in, or a major drawback for those who like a more modern, updated aesthetic.  

In a video tour of the house, you can really get a sense of how hard they are selling the Cobain connection, which feels a little spooky to us — and might be (in addition to the price) why they’re having such a hard time selling it. In a room that the narrator suggests is Cobain’s old bedroom, all the doodles the now-famous-and-super-tragic musician did as a kid are still on the walls. They also left a hole Cobain may have punched in the wall. Not sure that severely marking up an Aberdeen home is the best way to honor Cobain’s memory. To be totally honest, we were way more into the idea of the house being turned into a museum, which was a proposition a while back.

But hey! If you’re on the market for a four-bedroom in Aberdeen and have $329,000 to spend on the haunting memory of one of recent history’s most tragic musical icons, then you might have just found your next home. OR(!) if you want to be the one who turns it into a museum, we’re totally on board.

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