“Silicon Valley” star Kumail Nanjiani was harassed by Trump supporters, and it’s not okay

Silicon Valley star Kumail Nanjiani was harassed by Trump supporters yesterday night, and it is a perfect representation of everything that has not been not okay this week. Kumail Nanjiani shared his account of harassment on Twitter, and what happened is really scary.

First, Nanjiani tweeted that he was out at a bar in LA with his Silicon Valley  costar Thomas Middleditch when two Trump supporters began to harass them.

Nanjiani documented the entire interaction on Twitter. It started with two young white men approaching him and Middleditch at the bar. He and Middleditch are both well-known comedians who are on a hit TV show and live in LA, so that part wasn’t that surprising. false

However, after Nanjiani told them he didn’t want to talk politics, the guys started to get aggressive.


For those who are unfamiliar with Internet slang, the alt-right use “cuck” as a derogatory term.

Luckily, a bouncer at the bar saw the commotion and intervened.


Nanjiani, who is Pakistani-American, also tweeted about his worry for people of color who live in less diverse and liberal places than LA.


Next, he called people to action.


Furthermore, Thomas Middleditch chimed in to talk about what happened to them that night, too.


We’re very glad that Kumail and Thomas are safe, and that they shared their story with us. There have been many incidents of racist harassment in the wake of the election. It’s important to be on the alert, to speak out against hate, and to protect each other.

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