Kristin Chenoweth has joined the cast of “American Gods,” so we’re already obsessed with this show

Game of Thrones can’t last forever, which means that we are in desperate need of a new Game of Thrones. Might it be Starz’s new American Gods? Judging from the first look, maybe.

And if a first look isn’t enough, Kristin Chenoweth has officially joined the cast, and this is NOT A DRILL.

Just like Game of Thrones, American Gods is based on a book (this time by  Neil Gaiman), and also happens boast old gods and new gods….just like Game of Thrones! But that’s where the similarities between these cable shows end — unless, of course, you count our obsession. After one quick teaser from American Gods, we’re already pretty stoked to check this out.

All the trailer really does is set up the mysterious main character, named Shadow (Ricky Whittle), and his new mysterious business partner, named Wednesday (Ian McShane). These two are soon going to find themselves face to face with other mysterious people across the country, and if you’re intrigued by all of this, good. If you need to know something about them RIGHT NOW, know that the show will focus on the power struggle between the old gods — one of them, Wednesday — and the new gods, which instead of pulling from religion and mythology are found in the likes of media and the internet.

Now add in the part about Kristin Chenoweth, and OH MAN, how long until we get to watch this show with our own eyes? Chenoweth is going to play Easter, one of the old gods. American Gods is being produced by her former Pushing Daisies showrunner, Bryan Fuller, so might there be a chance for a show-stopping musical number (and pie?). Cross your fingers, and start praying to the American Gods Gods. The show hits our TV screens in 2017.