Kristin Cavallari posted a beautiful tribute to her brother two years after his death

It isn’t easy to lose a sibling. Kristin Cavallari posted a tribute to her brother around the anniversary of his untimely death, and it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Cavallari lost her brother, Michael, two years ago, and there are still a lot of questions surrounding his death — which, we imagine, just makes acceptance of his passing even harder. Michael had a car accident in Utah, and officially passed away from hypothermia based on the temperatures outside. His body was found on December 10th after being reported as missing two weeks prior.

Michael had been going through some troubles before his death. He was arrested for making criminal threats against a woman in 2015 just days before the crash, and had a history of driving under the influence. On November 27th, 2015, a convenience store obtained footage of Michael pumping gas in his car, which was the last time he was spotted alive.

Cavallari, who got her start in the industry on MTV’s hit show Laguna Beach, mourned the loss of her brother a few times on Instagram since he was found — and her words have always been harrowing. The day tat his body was recovered, the star posted a throwback photo of the two, stating that her “heart is in a million pieces.”

In her latest post, she admitted that she’s gotten a few signs from him.

"We lost him completely unexpectedly and it’s been a rough road for me and my family," Cavallari admitted. "I’ve had some incredible signs from him though- which give me a lot of peace- including one today 🕯. We love and miss you everyday Mikey."

 We want to give Cavallari and her family our best during this tough anniversary.