Kristin Cavallari got a new haircut right before a photoshoot, and she looks amazing

Kristin Cavallari is quite the daredevil. Just an hour before a photoshoot for her jewelry line, Uncommon James, Kristin Cavallari impulsively got a new short haircut. Her hairstylist Riawna Capri was more than happy to comply and lopped off a considerable amount of hair. (Apparently, Capri rocks at this sorta thing. She is also the magician behind Julianne Hough’s wedding and reception hairdos, as well as Nina Dobrev’s unicorn braid.) Lucky for Kristin, the last-minute-before-the-photoshoot cut was a success, and she could not look more amazing.

We were so used to seeing Kristin Cavallari this way, with locks past her shoulders.

Of course, we think she looked stunning then. Some of us only dream of growing such long, lustrous, healthy strands.

This is what Kristin looks like now. What a difference!

Wowza. The long bob, aka lob, is definitely Kristin’s friend. We love the beachy waves, the side part, and the oh-so-mysterious pieces that cover part of her face. Yep, it totally works. 

So, who is this magical hair guru?

With an Instagram following of more than 300,000 followers, Riawna Capri is a bona fide hair artist. And she’s known she wanted to be a hairstylist to the stars since she was in the third grade.

Riawna recounted her journey to beauty school and beyond for People:

“My mom has this book of everything I want to be when I grow up… In third grade it says, ‘I want to be a hairstylist for the movie stars’... I asked my dad for scissors and clippers for Christmas when I was 16 and started cutting hair in the garage — $5 a haircut… [M]y parents said I had to go to college, even though I wanted to go to beauty school. So I went to community for two years (and started charging $10 a haircut). When it was time for me to apply to college, I applied... I literally got my application back in the mail and it said, ‘Sorry, you turned your application in too late.’ I was like, ‘Dad, I am going to beauty school.'

Sometimes, you just know when you know, you know? Thanks to Riawna’s scissor-wielding skills, we are seeing some innovative cuts and styles on our favorite celebs.

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