Kristen Wiig flying as Cheetah on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 is our new everything

Wonder Woman 1984 is well over a year away from theaters, but we’re already camped out at the theater with popcorn at the ready. The anticipation for the superhero sequel is ridiculously high — and not just because our beloved Steve Trevor survived being blasted into the atmosphere.

While fans are excited to see Gal Gadot and Chris Pine reunite in the sequel — just the thought of it is making us *swoon* — Kristen Wiig’s casting as the villainous Cheetah also has many very intrigued. The comedian’s role, which was confirmed by director Patty Jenkins in March, marks a major departure for the actress, who is best known for her comedic work on Saturday Night Live and in Bridesmaids. She’s certainly fought evil before in Ghostbusters, but she’s never played evil herself.

Late last month, Jenkins tweeted out the first shot of Wiig in character as a timid-looking Barbara Ann Minerva — the archaeologist in her human form — but now we have our footage of the actress in all her villainous glory.

Twitter user @GGMEHD recently posted leaked footage from set of Wonder Woman 1984 with Wiig performing some sort of wire stunt. The short video features Wiig in an all-black ensemble, hooked up to a stunt rig, and jumping *very* high into the air. A far cry from Jenkins’ photo of the nervous-looking archaeologist, the stunt video gives just a very small taste of Cheetah’s evil powers.

In the comics, the villain is armed with a number of cheetah-like traits, including super strength, super speed, a superhuman sense of smell, the ability to see in the dark, and claws. No word whether Cheetah always lands on her feet like her feline counterpart.

It’s safe to say that the old Barbara Ann can’t come to the phone right now:

The footage of Wiig performing the stunt is just the latest in a string of leaked footage to hit the internet. On the same day that Warner Brothers released the first footage of Gadot and Pine on the set of Wonder Woman 1984, the pair was spotted in their, ahem, ’80s best as they filmed in Washington D.C. Later, footage of Gadot performing a stunt in her full Wonder Woman costume made its way to the internet, leading many to speculate about the inclusion of Wonder Woman‘s Invisible Jet in the sequel.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to arrive in theaters in November 2019.

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