Behold: The first look at that Kristen Wiig/Will Ferrell Lifetime movie

The Deadly Adoption saga continues. The movie that was a movie, and then wasn’t a movie, is once again a movie, and now A Deadly Adoption has a trailer. Who’s ready to watch Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig in a Lifetime movie? Feels like we’ve been waiting our whole lives for this.

Though it’s short at twenty seconds, the Deadly Adaption trailer reaffirms the idea that this will be the movie of the summer (Jurassic World, who?). It stars Ferrell and Wiig as two parents going through a — gasp — deadly adoption, and it revolves around their relationship with the young mother who’s giving them her child. What’s so deadly about that? I dunno, but Ferrell’s all bloodied, and Wiig’s got a gun. Looks pretty deadly to me.

The description on the YouTube page states that the movie is “inspired by a true story” — but like, for real, guys? Or are you just saying that? Listen all of America is going to watch either way.

Check out the crazy teaser below, which paints a peaceful and serene feeling at the very end, complete with a little Ferrell giggle. But that’s won’t be the the case for long. This is a Lifetime movie! Better yet, a “high-stakes dramatic thriller” of a Lifetime movie.

A Deadly Adoption premieres on Lifetime June 20th at 8pm. So pumped to see how this deadly adoption unfolds.

Image via here.