The trailer for Kristen Wiig’s new comedy has officially made our week

Oh, Kristen Wiig, why can’t you be in EVERY movie? I know it’s not physically possible, but going into the Oscars tomorrow, I look at the list of “Best Picture” nominees, and can’t help but think that every film would have been improved by, you know, you being in it.

But I digress. I need to count my blessings that you are in as many awesome movies as you are. And I’m HARDCORE counting my blessings at the moment, because the trailer for your new film “Welcome to Me” just landed and it looks straight-up amaze.

The film, produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay, tells the story of Alice Klieg, a woman with Borderline Personality Disorder who wins $86 million in the lottery, quits her meds, and starts her own talk show. Co-starring Tim Robbins, Joan Cusack, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Linda Cardellini and James Marsden, this movie looks hilarious and heartbreaking and deeply human, basically everything we want to see when we go to the cinema!

Check out the trailer below. The film hits theaters in May, so only a few more months of waiting! Kristen, we’ll try to be patient, but it’s so hard waiting for your amazingness!