Kristen Wiig Is Coming Back To ‘SNL’ For A Night!

As we sadly know, Kristen Wiig left SNL last year after seven seasons of wicked hilarity. Kristen stole the show in 2005 when she played the mushroom-cap haired crazy Target Lady and was one the funniest cast members up until the day she said goodbye to SNL for good.

Except you can’t really stay away from SNL forever, right? Kristen recently stated that she has felt “lost” since she left the show, and I honestly feel lost without her. I miss gross Shanna, epically annoying Gilly and excited Sue.

Well, GOOD NEWS for me, for you and for the universe, really.  Kristen Wiig is coming back May 11th to host SNL with Vampire Weekend!

And what HAS Kristen been up to instead of impersonating Bjork’s creepy giggle, you might be wondering?  Well, she is going to be starring in Girl Most Likely this summer, which she also produced, as well as playing young Lucille Bluth in the next season of Arrested Development, which is coming out next month. Also, she’s going to be in Anchorman 2, which I have been eagerly awaiting for since age fifteen.

Hopefully, this visit will not be the last! But seriously. Please come back to SNL, Kristen.

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