Kristen Wiig plays Daenerys Targaryen—and it’s all we ever wanted

One of our favorite funny ladies, Kristen Wiig is currently promoting her new movie, Welcome To Me. However, you’d never know she was promoting it, because when she showed up for her interview on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she was dressed head-to-toe as Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons.  It’s just like the last time she showed up at the Tonight Show and pretended to be Harry Styles the whole time.

This one might be a little bit better, though, if only for Wiig’s Dany’s strange accent that she slips in and out of, and the fact that she’s got a dragon – named Karl — perched on her shoulder. Can’t help but think that this version of Dany represents half the Game of Thrones viewers out there (including me), who are constantly confused by the ever expanding story and character list. When asked where Dany lives, she responds “I live in the forest on a mountain… in a dome that I made.” And her dragons helped her build it. Yeah, honestly that sounds like a GoT plot. Also did you know that Dany does a killer stand-up routine about rocks and stones?

Dany’s can’t leave without making a few plugs for Wiig, mentioning that she’s big fan of Wiig’s work, and even met her on the flight to NYC! Fallon then asks why she just didn’t take one of her flying dragons, she responds that airports are weird about dragons landing on the tarmac. That makes sense.

Check out the whole video below, and prepare to giggle uncontrollably, just like Fallon and his very special guest.

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