Kristen Stewart has really good feels about a ‘Twilight’ reboot

Eventually the day will come, and Twilight will get a reboot. It’s one of the best-selling book series on the planet, and its movies grossed billions and billions of dollars. So yeah, one day, they’ll be a brand new Twilight series without Robert Pattinson as Edward and Kristen Stewart as Bella. That’s not really surprising, but this might be: The first person in line to see this new Twilight 2.0 might actually be Stewart.

Stewart has a brand new movie coming out this Friday, America Ultra with Jesse Eisenberg, and the two of them are in the middle of their press circuit for the film. They recently sat down with Uproxx to talk everything from the new movie, how to apologize to one another, and then of course, Twilight.

When the idea of Twilight being rebooted is first suggested, Stewart gets a little nervous, as if she’s about to be asked to be Bella again. While she loved her time in the role — emphasis on loved — she wouldn’t want to step back into the world of vampires and werewolves ever again. But if someone else were to take up the role? Stewart would love to see that, as long as she gets to sit in the audience completely removed from the crazy world of Forks, Washington.

“To be honest,” Stewart explains, “I would be interested. I’d be kind of fascinated.” It must be a weird thing to see a role you originated rebooted, and the only word for it might be fascinating. It’s happening at lightning fast speed right now (think: Spider-Man), so there’s a good chance Twilight could get a completely makeover, and a brand new Bella. And when it happens — and it will undoubtedly eventually happen — Stewart is going to be A-OK with it. She’s clearly going to want to check it out herself, even though the new movie “wouldn’t emotionally affect [her] one way or the other.”

Even though the role of Bella Swan will follow Stewart around for the rest of her life, she’s more than happy to pass the Bella baton onto a brand new actress. So you hear that, Hollywood? Stewart just gave her blessing for a brand new Twilight. Get to work, because Stewart wants to check it out.

(Image via Summit Entertainment.)

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