Kristen Stewart says she felt a “huge responsibility” to come out as gay or straight—and explained why she wishes she didn’t

Kristen Stewart pretty much broke the internet when she announced she was “like so gay, dude” during her Saturday Night Live monologue in 2017. But in a new interview with the Associated Press, Stewart revealed that she felt a ton of pressure to label herself at the time—which is a pressure she doesn’t necessarily think is healthy.

"I felt this huge responsibility," she said, while promoting her new movie J.T. Leroy, "Like one that I was really genuinely worried about, if I wasn't able to say one way or the other, then was I sort of like forsaking a side?"

Stewart explained that she loves the way our culture is evolving and rejecting labels surrounding sexuality.

“The fact that you don’t have to [label yourself] now is like so much more truthful,” she continued. “If you were to have this conversation with someone like in high school, they’d probably like roll their eyes and go, ‘Why are you complicating everything so much? Like just sort of do what you want to do,’” she said. “I was gunning for that for a long time, so it’s like, thank you. Kids, lead the way. It’s really nice.”

“Whether you like girls or boys doesn’t even begin to describe who you are on the inside,” Stewart concluded. “I just feel like we don’t even have the words to describe the complexities of identity right now.”

In J.T. Leroy, Stewart plays Savannah Knoop, a woman who pretends to be a male author when making public appearances. It’s based on a true story, and can currently be streamed on Amazon Prime.

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