Kristen Stewart is starring in a queer holiday rom-com, and it feels like Christmas came early

Kristen Stewart is starring in an upcoming studio rom-com, and okay, we’re intrigued now. Also, it’s a holiday rom-com. Go on. But wait! It’s a holiday rom-com with a queer lead. Say no more, we’re there. broke the news that Stewart will star in Happiest Season, the latest effort from actress-turned-director Clea DuVall.

"The story is set at an annual family holiday party where a young woman plans to propose to her girlfriend," Indiewire wrote. "The plan gets an unexpected twist when the woman finds out her partner hasn’t come out as gay to her conservative parents."

DuVall penned the script with her writing partner Mary Holland, and the story might have a slight autobiographical bent, as DuVall tweeted on National Coming Out Day last month that she came out to her own mom on Christmas.

Because representation absolutely matters, it’s heartening to hear that a queer romantic holiday story is being told by Stewart and Duvall, two out and proud members of the LGBTQ community. The film will be created by TriStar Pictures—a division of Sony Pictures—which is the same studio behind the Charlie’s Angels reboot that Stewart is going to star in.

Not much else is known about the film, and its IMDB page is pretty bare, but the internet has met this news with a resounding YAS.

News of this movie comes just as Hollywood is smack in the center of a rom-com renaissance. Netflix has been churning out rom-com hits like Set It Up and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and Henry Golding and Emilia Clarke are set to star in another holiday-themed rom-com coming out next year. Keep it comin’, Hollywood.

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