The Internet Has *A Lot* to Say About Kristen Stewart Playing Princess Diana in ‘Spencer’

As usual, Twitter has feelings.

We can always count on the internet to have opinions—regardless of the topic. As soon as Kristen Stewart was announced as Princess Diana in the upcoming film Spencer, the opinions started flying like wild. On August 26th, though, the general public got their first taste of the actress in action as the iconic princess with the movie’s first teaser trailer, and they have more to say than ever before. But whereas many people were skeptical of Stewart taking on this role, her portrayal in this trailer has them flipping their script in support.

Stewart has played a whole host of roles over the years—from Bella Swan in the campy Twilight to the quirky Sabina in Charlie’s Angels—but the role of the People’s Princess is no doubt one of her meatier ones. In the film, directed by Pablo Larraín and set to release on November 5th, Stewart digs into the pain Princess Diana experienced in her marriage to Prince Charles. Though the trailer only gives a brief glimpse of her in the role, it was powerful enough to have Twitter shaking in their (proverbial) boots.

But as always, the skeptics are still not thrilled to see Stewart take on this role, and we’re going to go ahead and assume that they’ve never seen some of her lesser-discussed work, like Speak or Panic Room or even Adventureland.

You’ll never please everyone, but we are *very* here for Stewart as Diana. Just watch this trailer and tell us she doesn’t feel like the perfect person for the job…

If everyone could just be more like this person, we’d be great.

Catch Spencer when it lands in theaters on November 5th.

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