The Kristen Stewart pizza roll commercial from SNL is almost indescribably sexy

Okay, probably not the first thing that comes to any of our minds when we think of pizza rolls is sexiness, right? Certainly not clandestine beautiful lesbian sexiness conducted during the Super Bowl. But luckily for all of us, there is SNL, and there is the marvelous Kristen Stewart. And now we can never look at a pizza roll ad the same way again.

SNL revived their hilarious series of fake ads for Totino’s for Super Bowl 2017.

The fake ad series, featuring a long-suffering TV-trope wife (Vanessa Bayer), has long been an SNL fan favorite. In 2015, Beyer spent her time waiting in the kitchen for her “Hungry Boys” to order her to make more Totinos…luckily, she got an activity pack!

But this year, it was time for the poor wifey to get something a little more heated in the kitchen.

After Kristen Stewart brought down the SNL house in her opening monologue with her statement that she’s now “like, so gay, dude” it’s no shock that the actress ended up in Vanessa Bayer’s suburban kitchen.

But what she had to offer was so much more than pizza rolls.

As the men continue to obliviously watch the Super Bowl in the next room, Kristen and Vanessa engage in a torrid, sultry romance of water spraying, breathy French sweet nothings, and sure, also Totinos (they do look delicious.)

Check out the hilariously sexy ad here, and definitely have a snack nearby:

What are YOU hungry for?

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