Why is Kristen Stewart so freaking happy on the Met Gala red carpet?


Here’s Kristen Stewart, one of our absolute favorite human beings on the planet for her brutally honest admissions about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. She is totally raw and real when it comes to herself and her life, and we love it. We love everything about Kristen Stewart, so naturally, we absolutely love the sparkly look she’s rocking for the 2016 Met Gala red carpet.

There are a few pictures of her on the red carpet, and in one of them, our girl Kristen has the BIGGEST KRISTEN STEWART SMILE ON HER FACE.



Now, this is rare. We all know that Kristen tends to be a serious, stoic human being who rarely flashes her pearly whites. So right now, we need to know: Why are you so happy, Kristen?? We must know. A list of possible reasons:

She knows this dress is absolutely killing it. 

She know her eye makeup has hit obsess-level for us (HOW DID YOU DO THAT WE LOVE IT). 

She watched last night’s Game of Thrones episode, “Home,”  live, which means she avoided all spoilers today!

She had a big bowl of ice cream before the Met Gala!

She’s stoked for the premiere for Captain America: Civil War later this week! 

Her shoes are so comfortable, and she needs everyone to know. 

A reporter on the red carpet just told a funny joke!

She happened to bump into her buddy Robert Pattinson on the red carpet, and she was super happy to see him for a quick second. 

There were puppies! 

There is no specific reason, she’s just happy to be ~HAPPY~ damnit. 

Keep doing whatever you’re doing, Kristen, because we continue to love every second of it.

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