So, Kristen Stewart is hilariously bad at the whisper challenge

One of Jimmy Fallon’s favorite games to play on his show is The Whisper Challenge, so when Kristen Stewart dropped by last night he couldn’t help but suggest they give it a try. It involves putting on headphones that blast music while the other person says a word or phrase. If you guess what they’re saying, you win. Let’s just say, it took Kristen Stewart some time to get the hang of it.

Admittedly, she did get some pretty difficult sentences, and Jimmy didn’t make it easy by putting on funny voices and faces, making it that much harder to read his lips. Kristen, in her usual blunt and sarcastic nature, couldn’t believe it was so difficult, swearing when she messed up and at one point joking that she wasn’t having any fun.

Well, we were definitely having a good time since celebrities being forced to do ridiculous things is one of the most hilarious things to watch. Take a look at the clip below!

(Image via YouTube)

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