16 times Kristen Stewart gave us infinite hair goals

When we think of celebrities who have a reputation for trying out every single hairdo that exists, Kristen Stewart may not be the first one that comes to mind. However, the 26-year-old Chanel muse has a fairly comprehensive hairstyle record. She’s gone from long, straight, brown hair to short, red, and choppy — and back again! Let’s also not forget the dark rocker ‘do she wore for her role as Joan Jett in The Runaways.

The thing is, Kristen has not only tried a million different haircuts and colors, she has somehow managed to pull off all of them! This is some straight up hairstyle witchery.

Be in awe at the 16 different hairdos Kristen has sported over the years. You never know…maybe one of these will inspire you to make an appointment at the hairdresser.

1. Pulled-back center part


It’s simple, yet stunning.

2. Slick style


This teased and slicked back ‘do is the ultimate in cool hair.

3. Wavy and red


Love this flamey, short cut.

4. Effortless side flip


Only Kristen could make bedhead-inspired hair look this good.

5. Blonde beauty


Before Twilight, Kristen still had her natural hair color.  That’s right, it’s blonde!

6. Short and choppy


Kristen has worked different versions of this haircut over the years.

7. The sleekest part


From messy and short to a clean, sleek style like this, Kristen can do it all.

8. Going dark


Of course she could pull off a goth ‘do!

9. The higher the hair….


She ain’t afraid of no tease!

10. Gorgeous braid


Kristen looks amazing wearing her hair in this romantic, messy braid.

11. Long and lovely


Short or long — it doesn’t matter.  She dominates every hairstyle.

12. Majestic mod-style 


Kristen looks perfectly mod with this haircut.

13. Maiden braids 


More marvelously messy braids for Ms. Stewart.

14. Ravishing redhead


Can Kristen pull off ANY hair color? We say yes.

15. Super duper slick


Not everyone looks good in a tightly-slicked style like this. For Kristen, it’s just another day being a hairstyle queen.

16. Casual blonde


Kristen’s latest hairdo is a messy, bleached blonde look. Perhaps she was inspired by a certain Justin?

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