Kristen Stewart gets haunted in the latest eerie “Personal Shopper” trailer

Kristen Stewart has a new movie coming out next month, Personal Shopper, a psychological thriller/ghost story. Now, you can see how Kristen Stewart gets haunted in the latest Personal Shopper trailer that IFC released, reported Deadline. In fact, we still have chills.

Before we get to it, you may have seen Stewart host SNL on February 4th.

If not, go watch it right now — well, after you watch the below. And with Alessia Cara as the musical guest, it’s a must-watch SNL episode.

To give you the 4-1-1 on Personal Shopper, though, Stewart plays an American girl in Paris who’s not only a personal shopper, but also someone who’s trying to communicate with the ghost of her dead twin brother. Intrigued? We definitely are.

You may also remember how Stewart got a four-and-a-half-minute standing ovation after the film screened at the Cannes Film Festival last May.

Big ups to her, right?!

You can watch the latest Personal Shopper trailer here. If you’re like us, you’ll definitely get all the spooky feels.

Olivier Assayas (Clouds of Sils Maria) directed Personal Shopper and, aside from Stewart, it also stars Lars Eidinger and Sigrid Bouaziz. It opens in theaters March 10th, aka not soon enough, and we’re excited — and scared, so to speak — to see Stewart in the film.

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