Kristen Stewart and Gary Fisher (you know, Carrie Fisher’s dog) are now BFFs

For the past two weeks, we’ve been obsessing over the fashion at the Cannes Film Festival, but now it’s time to talk about the other F word, friendship. Without further ado, let us present what is hereby so far the best new friendship of Cannes: Kristen Stewart and Gary Fisher.

You know one of them because she’s a kickass, amazing, super smart female who has been DOMINATING the fashion game this year. You know the other because he’s a super adorable pug, and his human happens to be Carrie Fisher, better known as Princess Leia. We don’t know how these two first came to meet, or how long their beautiful relationship will last, but we are here for everything Kristen + Gary.

Gary himself (dogself?) posted this amazing picture to his Instagram, because yeah, Gary has his own Instagram account. The caption states that this meet-up went down at Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s party, that took place on a yacht, because of course it did. It doesn’t really look like they’re on a yacht, because it appears as if there’s a fountain in the background, but IDK what a fancy Cannes yacht actually looks like. It probably looks like this.

It’s clear that the two of them are having the BEST time together, as is evident by Kristen’s smile, and the fact that Gary’s tongue is hanging out of his mouth. Do you think they partied all night? Do you think Kristen gave Gary a lot of tummy rubs? Or did they do what we love to do hanging out with a dog, cuddle up on the couch an watch TV (on the yacht)?

Whatever this meeting means, we’re here for more of it. Include Carrie in the mix, too, and they’re the three best friends that anyone could have.

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