Kristen Stewart debuted frosted tips, officially making boy band chic a thing

It’s becoming hard to keep up with the ever-changing hair styles of this incredibly hip actress, but we try our darn hardest whenever she emerges with a new ‘do! Ready? Kristen Stewart debuted frosted tips, and it takes her super short bleached look to a whole new level of ’90s boy band fantasy.

The awesome color looks intentional, right? And while she shaved her head for her role in the upcoming movie Underwater, Teen Vogue reveals that Stewart has simply let her hair grow out. The dark roots combined with the lighter grow-out creates that classic “frosted” look. AND WE’RE INTO IT.


This hair style is perfect for summer, and ideal for those of us who don’t want to fuss with brushing and blow drying (and just…styling) every day. On the subject of cutting it all off, Stewart said in an interview on the Today Show that she had wanted to shave her head for a long time. “It feels amazing, she admitted. “I just want to head-bang all day.” Sounds about right!

Also, is anyone else noticing that punk rock outfit?!

Because together with the hair, Stewart is shooting off fireworks of confidence.


We’re so excited to see Stewart in Underwater, because she plays a mechanical engineer working on the ocean floor, alongside comedian and Silicon Valley star T.J. Miller. If you’re asking yourself, “Is there anything she can’t do?” The answer is a big, giant NO.

Wondering what hair style she’ll debut next? Stay tuned, we’ll be tracking her every move.

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