Kristen Stewart is all about a female James Bond, and so are we

James Bond takes his martinis shaken, not stirred. And Kristen Stewart would like to shake up the James Bond franchise by casting a woman in the lead role. Would she be Jamie Bond? Or Jenna Bond? We’ll figure out the details later, but for now let’s just focus on what’s important: CAN WE PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN?!

Kristen brought up the topic during a joint interview with her costar Nicholas Hoult while they were out promoting their new film, Equals. An E! News reporter asked Hoult what he thought about rumors that he is being considered to be the next Bond. Hoult thought he was too young to play Bond, who has traditionally been portrayed as being in his 30s or 40s.

“Yeah, but that’s getting a little stale,” Kristen replied of the traditional Bond casting decisions. She thought it was time to shake (not stir) things up.

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Her idea? Making the audience think a female character is a Bond girl, before making the big reveal. “You think it’s just the girlfriend,” she explained to E! News, “and then you’re like, ‘She’s actually [Bond].’”

Nicholas imagined competing with Kristen for the role: “We’ll walk into the screen test and I’ll see you dressed in a tuxedo. I’ll be like, ‘Kristen, what are you doing here?’ I’ll just turn around and walk straight back out.”

Yeah, as much as we love us some Nicholas Hoult, we’re definitely rooting for Kristen in this scenario. Come on, Hollywood, it’s 2016! Give us a badass female Bond!

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