Kristen Stewart just made a confession all of us can relate to when we get a big haircut

Getting a haircut is the best — yet also the worst, right?! Where did all our hair go?! Well, Kristen Stewart just made a confession we relate to when we get a big haircut, reported Elle. As you may know, Stewart not only chopped off all her hair this past week, but she also shaved most of it off. Annnnd, she became a blonde. Why? In part for a new movie she’s in, Underwater, and in part because she wanted to, Stewart told Stephen Colbert on his show on March 9th. In the new film, a crew of underwater researchers have to get to safety after an earthquake hits. Stewart told Colbert having shorter hair will make it easier in terms of doing the movie, since she has to put on a lot of helmets.

So what’s Stewart’s hair confession, so to speak?

"It was always something that like I couldn't stop touching and I thought that would stop once this happened," Stewart told Colbert. "But now I'm always just like — I just rub it instead of pushing it back."

Here’s photographic evidence from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


BuzzFeed, too, pointed out a recent red carpet wherein Stewart forgot she no longer has long hair.


And you can see she has a sense of humor about the whole thing.


"Where is it?" she said in the above clip.

Believe us, Stewart, we can SO RELATE. And if you want to watch Stewart’s whole appearance from The Late Show, you can do so here.

Touching her hair or not, we think Stewart’s new look is ahhh-mazing. In fact, she’s giving us serious #hairgoals — again! Brb while we go call our hair stylist…

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