Kristen Stewart’s grown-out buzz cut is our new favorite hair trend

The female buzz cut is having a major moment right now, and we are here for every single one of its iterations. We love seeing women and femmes reclaiming their beauty by shaving off their hair, but we also love to see how they undergo different stages of transformation as it grows out. Kristen Stewart’s buzzed hair is slowly growing out, but of course, she’s doing it in the coolest way possible.

While some women choose to just grow everything out evenly, Kristen Stewart, in true Kristen fashion, chose something a little different, letting a couple longer strands near her face grow while keeping everything else cropped.

Kristen’s golden hair is still cropped short, but it is longer than the last time we saw it. We love that she’s choosing to play around with different short styles, especially when it looks so effortless! To show off her new(ish) hair, the actress wore a Milly cropped sweater and a floral Preen By Thornton Bregazzi skirt. She added a single chain necklace and some chunky, single-strap heels to finish off the look.

We love that the longer pieces of Kristen’s hair frame her face so perfectly. It’s the perfect mix of punk, DIY, and fashion icon, which we would argue is pretty fitting of Kristen Stewart herself. Although we’re not sure what will happen next for her hair, we do love seeing her transform over and over. And we’re sure that we’ll love her next move no matter what.

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