Kristen Stewart’s bra and blazer look takes business casual to a new level

Business casual isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For some people, the last thing they want to do is put on a structured blazer or fitted pair of trousers — we get it! But what if we said there’s a new, cool way to wear your business casual? Take a style cue from the expert of edgy nonchalance, Kristen Stewart, and try wearing a blazer with a bra instead of a shirt. Of course, this is more appropriate for the red carpet than it is for the office, but we can’t deny that we love this look.

Kristen has always embodied the fashion rebel, dressing to the beat of her own drum, and this outfit is further proof of that.


Instead of pairing a plaid blazer with a classic button-up, the actress decided to literally dress down her ensemble by sporting the coat with a black bra and two lock necklaces. With her close-cropped hair and high-waisted leather skirt (check the zipper detailing), Kristen is schooling us on how to put the casual in business casual.

We love the idea of dressing a business casual piece down. Whether you’re wearing a blazer buttoned all the way with a bit of peekaboo lace, or wearing your jacket out on the town, open and showing off your favorite blush-colored negligee, this look feels wrong in all the right ways.

We hope Kristen never stops wearing outfits that inspire our inner bad girl.

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