Kristen Stewart has this to say about her battle with anxiety

Kristen Stewart has literally grown up before our eyes. (Remember Panic Room, anyone?) Her love affairs are scrutinized, her fashion judged. And yet, she remains calm and collected. In other words, she doesn’t give AF. Or rather, that’s what she’d have you believe.

In a recent interview with Elle U.K., Kristen openly addressed the reality of living in the spotlight when dealing with a mental health condition, and subsequently reminded the world that she is a human being with anxiety, just like us.

As she told Elle U.K.:

This is not the first time Kristen has shared her experiences with anxiety. She discussed them with Marie Claire earlier this summer, recounting how she would feel panicked and debilitated when she wasn’t in control of a situation:

Thankfully, Stewart told Elle U.K. she no longer struggles with anxiety and tries to have a positive outlook, stating:

Stewart’s words bring much-needed awareness and understanding to a mental health condition that has such a negative stigma. One in five American adults will experience a mental health issue in a given year. But despite how common they are, people still judge those who admit to suffering from one.