Kristen Stewart has some advice for ‘Star Wars’ actress Daisy Ridley

Hollywood ladies gotta stick together, and Kristen Stewart knows that more than anyone. While we loved Kristen in her hit movies like Twilight and Snow White and the Huntsman, it’s no secret that when it comes to her personal life, fame hasn’t made things easy. This is why, when she noticed actress Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, was quickly gaining popularity, she had some words of wisdom for navigating life in the spotlight.

During The Hollywood Reporter‘s podcast, Awards Chatter, Kristen spoke about the importance of staying focused, especially for someone like Daisy who is just starting out. “Focus on the fact that you’re stoked ‘cause you’re doing the work that you want to do,” she explained. “It’s literally mainly just about focusing on what makes you happy.”

However, there are drawbacks to this line of work, including feeling exposed and targeted. “If losing your anonymity or whatever doesn’t make you happy,” Kristen continued. “Then focus on something else.”

Basically, it’s all about dedication and the choices you make with your time and attention. We have no fear that Daisy is going to kill it in her career, and we’re so thankful that she has awesome women like Kristen Stewart supporting her the whole way.

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