Kristen Schaal took Leap Day by storm and proposed to many, many people

Historically, February 29th, or Leap Day, is the one day of the year when women can propose to men. Although that’s kind of a problematic tradition (women can propose to whoever they want whenever they want!), Kristen Schaal really took it to heart by proposing to people in the audience of Seth Meyers’ show.

As you can imagine, Kristen did it in a totally hilarious way, targeting random audience members and getting down on one knee. She promised them many things, like a steamy love life, a soul connection, and even brownies.

Of course, every person she asked to marry her said yes, and as the evening went on, she had more and more fiancés until she decided it would be easier to just propose to the entire audience with one big ring.


It looks like this is the start of a big but happy family. Can we get an invite to the weddings?