Kristen Bell just sent Dax Shepard a pretty weird text, and we’re low-key freaking out

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard might be one of our favorite celebrity couples of all time. There, we said it. These two swim with dolphins, have hilarious feuds over chairs, and go see Hamilton on date night. Seriously, what’s not to love about them?!

So when something popped up on Instagram yesterday that might threaten the relationship that we hold so dear, we couldn’t help but get a little worked up.

Dax posted a screenshot on Instagram that might potentially change their marriage as we know it.

It has to do with—gulp—a prenup.

Without further ado, the terrifying Instagram in question:

 OK OK, we know. We’re being a teensy bit dramatic. OBVIOUSLY, Dax thinks this is hilarious—probably because these two are so in love, nothing could ever compromise their marriage, right?!

After all, Dax captioned the photo with "Is this a good text to get from your wife? Asking for a friend...(PS, my response that's cut off was, "You don't know?!")"

However, it is still pretty funny that Kristen texted him that completely out of the blue. We’re pretty sure “Hey, do we have a prenup” is one of the worst phrases a married person could possibly hear. We wonder what prompted the text? Does Kristen just like to quiz him? Did chasing around two little ones give her a momentary memory lapse? Whatever it is, we’re sure it was pretty benign.

Although, we have to wonder if this is a sensitive subject for Dax. There was that time he got bumped on late-night TV roster for a “bigger star”— who turned out to be his wife, Kristen.

Yup, this actually happened on Late Night with Seth Meyers, while they were both promoting their new movie together, CHiPS. But honestly, the “wife bump” is the most Dax-and-Kristen situation ever, and we ate up every second of it.

Luckily, Dax is a great sport and takes it all with a sense of humor. #RelationshipGoals for life!

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