You need to watch Kristin Chenoweth SLAY the “Game of Thrones” theme song

If Jaime Lannister is a kingslayer for slaying the Mad King, what are we supposed to call Kristin Chenoweth for completely SLAYING the Game of Thrones opening credits? Don’t worry, she slays it in a good way, not like she’s killed it. But she certainly destroys it in the best sense of the word.

Posting to Twitter Sunday night, Chenoweth — who you might know as Tony award winning Broadway superstar who starred in Wicked as Glinda the Good Witch — shared a video of her performing a vocal warmup. She’s joined by a piano accompanist, and after running through the scales quickly, they decide to sing something a little bit different. false

Who knew a song without words, and a song that basically proceeds a lot of people DYING, could be so beautiful?

This has us thinking that there aren’t nearly enough songs in Game of Thrones. Wouldn’t it be cool if Dany started singing a lullaby to her dragons? And even if Emilia Clarke doesn’t want to sing it herself, I bet Chenoweth would be fine lending her voice to the Mother of Dragons for a bit. Starting a new petition to get Chenoweth’s beautiful voice into Westeros.

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