Kristen Bell’s new reality show “Encore” wants you to perform your high school musical again

If anyone out there is pining to relive their high school days, you can, and Kristen Bell wants to help you do it. This is great news, but only for those who considered themselves a drama class kid. Kristen Bell is producing a new ABC reality show called Encore that lets now-adults reprise their high school musical with their old classmates. Sounds kinda random, because it specifically calls for people who were in high school in the ’90s and ’00s, and we don’t know about you, but how many of us still keep in contact with the people we starred in Hello, Dolly! with in the 10th grade?!

The press release reads: “Executive producer Kristen Bell invites you to audition for an exciting new ABC show…Encore! Reunite with your high school cast mates to perform your high school musical…one more time! Now casting cast members from high school musicals in the ’90s and early ’00s.”

Does the world really need a bunch of former theater kids performing Cabaret one more time?!

Maybe we do?

Bell is currently looking for former high school crews to perform on the show, and if you think that your group has what it takes, you can submit an application here.

For anyone who only knows Bell as the star of The Good Place and Anna in Frozen, she’s actually quite the musical theater nerd. She majored in musical theater at NYU and before she ever appeared on screen, she starred in the Broadway show The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. She also appeared on Broadway in The Crucible.

Listen, half of The CW is just musical numbers now, so the people clearly want to see song and dance onscreen. Maybe Encore will be a hit!

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